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Emergency Aid Training Courses

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The Vital Importance of First Aid Training

First aid training is not complicated and it does not require a doctor’s or nursing degree to administer and yet the importance of CPR first aid training cannot possibly be underestimated! The correct care provided before emergency medical help arrives has more than once meant the difference between life and death. The beauty of first aid is that anyone can learn the principles through a simple and relatively short training for first aid courses which are available. This means that an emergency situation should never occur without someone on hand who has received training for first aid.

First Class First Aid Training Courses Provided by First Responders Ltd

First Responders Ltd has been successfully hosting friendly and comprehensive first aid training courses since 1989. With over a decade of high standard instruction they have justly earned the reputation of first class training for first aid and especially within the practical setting of the work place. It is essential to not only pass on instructive knowledge but also to endow students with the confidence and know how to apply essential CPR first aid training when the situation demands. As a result of many years’ consistently reliable first aid training courses, many different companies, businesses and local authorities have benefited from their employees learning these highly important skills. We have a range of courses to suit every need including CPR first aid training, manual handling training, fire marshal training and health & safety training.

Up –to-date and Professional Paediatric First Aid Training

Paediatric first aid training is a specialised course which needs the knowledge which can only be provided by experienced and highly qualified first aid trainers. First Responders Ltd are very proud of all their instructors and especially the instructors who teach the paediatric first aid training. All the first aid training instructors and examiners are carefully examined themselves and are hired on their teaching skills as well as their ability to understand the needs of the students. It comes as a matter of course that all First Responders Ltd’s instructors are practising first aiders and therefore teach according to experience and not from textbooks only.

Fun and Relaxed Training in First Aid

First Responders Ltd realise the importance of a relaxed learning atmosphere and this is especially true with regard to training in first aid. The instructors strive to create an informal atmosphere where students can effectively learn without the unnecessary pressure of examination and complicated jargon. First aid training courses are simple and examinations are designed to be realistic whilst instructive. First aid courses are many and varied, they can be tailored to the specific needs of our clients and students and are all offered at competitive, affordable rates.

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