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  • Promotes a healthy working environment.
  • Demonstrates the value organisations place on the welfare of their workforce.
  • Develops leadership and management skills.
  • Encourages forward planning and methodical thinking.
  • Stimulates logical problem solving.
  • Allows people to identify and trust their Strengths.
  • Rewards staff with a feeling of well being.
  • Reduces the cost of litigation against the corporate body.

Course Content

  • Course
  • Casualty assessment
  • Resuscitation
  • Wounds / bleeding
  • Shock
  • Head injuries
  • Unconsciousness
  • Medical conditions
  • Poisons
  • Burns / scalds
  • Injuries to bones
  • Miscellaneous
  • Legal requirements
  • First aid boxes

2 Day First Aid At Work Requalification Course

Target Groups

First Responders Ltd - First Aid Training

Industry, Commerce, Education, Care Sector, Sports Sector


At present to comply with the HSE approved code of practice L74 all certificated first
aiders would need to sit a Health & Safety Compliant two day re-qualification course
on a three yearly basis in order to retain their qualification. This would also update
their skills and knowledge. Candidates will be required to provide proof that their
current qualification has not expired by more than twenty eight days.
Any candidate exceeding the requirement will be unable to sit the course but can
attend a full three day course.


Due to the large amount of equipment required for In – House Training
a parking space will be required for the course tutor as parking fees are not included
within the course fees. Any parking fees incurred will be passed on to the client.

(In House: Max 12 Students)