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Sports First Aid Training in Hertfordshire

First aid at work training courses

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Speed is of the essence in every emergency, this is especially so in the case of sports first aid training in Hertfordshire. First Responders provide courses which equip you to positively apply care in the event of an injury. The sooner you can assist an injured athlete the sooner they will be able to recover. You can be sure of clear, efficient sports first aid training in Hertfordshire.

Schools First Aid Training in Hertfordshire

As the main provider of Schools, first aid training in Hertfordshire. First Responders Ltd are adept at teaching these extremely valuable skills to suit the needs of the education sector Such skills can only be correctly taught by experienced and highly trained instructors. Each and every instructor employed by First Responders are carefully checked and approved. We are very proud of the quality of teaching provided by all our instructors and are sure that you will find our schools first aid training in Hertfordshire will fulfil all your requirements.

Practical Manual Handling Training Course and Helpful Health & Safety Training Courses

Manual handling training is just one of the many courses available from First Responders Ltd. The manual handling training course is comprehensive and covers every possible requirement, everything from necessary health & safety training principles to safe and sensible steps to reduce risk of injury in the workplace. In addition to the manual handling training course, First Responders Ltd also provides a high standard of practical health & safety training courses to complement any other course undertaken. The manual handling training and health & safety training courses are designed to assist learners to properly understand basic principles and successfully apply them in the workplace.

Essential Fire Marshal Training Course

The fire marshal training course imparts essential fire safety knowledge for your workforce including legal requirements, fire risk assessment, fire prevention, Evacuation procedures, recognition and use of fire extinguishers. This course is ideal for anyone in the workplace who has been made responsible for fire safety and for anyone who needs to know how and when to safely use a fire extinguisher.

Thorough Preparation for all Care Sector Workers

If you would like any further information about any of our care sector courses please do not hesitate to contact us. The team at First Responders will be happy to answer all of your queries about any available care sector training courses.