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First Aid Training Testimonial

I attended your training on 30th November and 7 December at Hamilton House.

Your first aid knowledge was brilliant , but also your personal experiences you shared were helpful. This helped me in two incidents this week , first an 18 month old child having a febrile convulsion at the nursery, I was able to give others commands while supported the child , I remembered what you said about timing , any sounds that release eg. Then last night Christmas work party my manager began to feel faint then collapsed and began having fits over a period of 15 minutes. She had been previously joking that if ever something happened to her she would like me to administer first aid as I was “unflappable” with the child.

Then this happenedĀ  I felt confident in the situation thanks to your amazing advice and delivery of information, I would just like to say a heart felt thank to you. Hope you have a great Christmas, and continue to train others.

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