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  • Promotes a confident welfare and first aid environment.
  • Demonstrates the need for practice and teamwork.
  • Highlights the value of first aiders.
  • Teambuilding develops leadership and management skills.
  • Stimulates logical problem solving.
  • Allows organisations to identify and trust their first aid trained staff.
  • Ensures a secure and contented workforce.
  • Reduces the cost of litigation against the corporate body.

Course Content

  • To be arranged and agreed by client and training company.

Live Active Training Day for Qualified First Aiders

Target Groups

First Responders Ltd - One Day Emergency Aid for Schools

Industry and Commerce


Your first aiders knowledge and skills are quickly lost without practice. In order to assist the retention of both we offer a practical day of action specially designed for your first aid trained personnel.

In association with your training manager / Health & Safety manager the day will consist of four first aid role play real life scenarios set up by us. We will supply the causalities complete with make up to act out the roles and video the first aiders in action. After each action we will re-play the videos to the First aiders and debate their actions offering advice as needed.

Both our clients and first aiders who have experienced our days of action have found
them to be very worthwhile for enhancing their knowledge and skills. As well as being
entertaining the first aiders left the training much more confident in their ability.

All candidates will be awarded an A4 certificate to add to their professional development
portfolio. This training session is run In-House Only.


Due to the large amount of equipment required for In – House Training
a parking space will be required for the course tutor as parking fees are not included
within the course fees. Any parking fees incurred will be passed on to the client.

(In House: Max 14 Students)